More than 400 workers

Technicals and Engineers are co-operating in this area to produce their best in addition to 24/7 Customer Service for our customers Best Experience

Cover Domestic Market

WE can deliver 24/7 to all cities in Egypt and we are planning to export to the Middle East and Africa. You will find us wherever you are in Hotels, Restaurants and Big Markets

MEGA foam and plastic

offers you more than 40 different finest and most luxurious types of foam containers and PET made specifically for the food products

  • All
  • Foam
  • Coloured
  • PET

1/2 Kilo Plain

1/2 Kilo Shallow

1/4 Kilo Plain

1/4 Kilo Shallow

1/8 Kilo Plain

1/8 Kilo Shallow

1 Kilo medium

1 Kilo Plain

1 Kilo Shallow

Sauce Box With Lid 100 CC

Sauce Box With Lid 150 CC

PET Rectangle 4OZ

PET Rectangle 6OZ

PET Rectangle 8OZ

PET Rectangle 10OZ

PET Rectangle 12OZ

PET Rectangle 500Cm

PET Rectangle 750Cm

PET Rectangle 1000Cm

PET Rectangle Cover 4_6 OZ

PET Rectangle Cover 8_10_12 OZ

PET Rectangle Cover 500_750_1000Cm

plain Lunch Box

three Section Lunch Box

tray 1/2 Kg

tray 1/4 Kg

tray 1/8 Kg

tray 1 And 1/2 Kg Rectangle

tray 1 And 1/2 Kg Square

tray 1 Kg

tray 2 Kg

tray 3/4 Kg

white Large Rounded

white Small Rounded

Coloured Rounded

yellow Tray 1/2 Kg

yellow Tray 1/4 Kg

yellow Tray 1 And 1/2 Kg Rectangle

yellow Tray 1 Kg

Yellow Large Rounded

Yellow Small Rounded

Cities we deliver to

we can deliever to every city in Egypt and outside so, If your city does not exist here please do not hesitate to contact us we will add your city to the list







Ain El-Sokhna